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Myranv1.jpg (6694 bytes)We have a small breeding of cairnterriers, almost one litter a year. But when we get puppies they are very wanted. We like to follow up the puppies and give support to the owners.

This is what the puppies look like, just born. They don’t open the eyes until they are ten or twelve days.



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At this picture they are six weeks and begin to be noisy and independent.

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Here has the tabletraining started , a practice who are necessary for trim, exhibitions, 

vet. visits and so on. A control of the anatomy and bite as often as possibly.

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Harry2.jpg (9562 bytes)Its important to give each one a individual training.







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cairnv3.jpg (12207 bytes)Luck is the winner of the big sockfight.

I am just watching my booty





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Our grandchildren Emma and Josefin with Jegulinis Thyra and Jegulinis Theo

Theo1.GIF (21982 bytes)Jegulinis Trevlige Theo 3-4 month

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