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"Myran" was a nice girl she enjoyed shows




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Jegulini´s Häftiga Harry as a six month old puppy.

Foto: W. Dufwa


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Read more about him on on site Cairn in Italy


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BOB ans BOS in a show in Sweden

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Daffy3.jpg (10122 bytes)DaffyBis.jpg (12056 bytes)                                 Daffy when he became Best in show at the cairnterrierclub show and a photo when he is on the table for grooming



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Daisy in the bed




                                                              Jegulinis Hjärtliga Hjördis at show-98

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Tiger at the show in Timrå-98

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Tiger became Group2 at a show i Svengstavik-99

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Jegulinis Trevliga Thyra 5 month 2000






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