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A Irish Soft coated Wheaten Terrier is hardy and sturdy, and is very smart. That means they are very quick to learn..... stupid things, as the smart things you want him to learn.

The name give you a hint, the race is descent from Ireland. The myth tells, they are the hunting snipers best friend , because they doesn't barks so much.

"The Wheaten" isn't typical for any purpose, so in Ireland they are used for hunting , watching and as a shepherd dog. In Sweden they are mostly family dogs, but some of them has success in submissiveness, working dogs, agility and rescue. "The Wheaten" demands restrain and consistent in there’s upbringing.

They never drop hair , so you must spend a lot of time at combing, particularlywhen they are  youngsters when they change the puppy hair, otherwise they get tangled.

You can bathe them as often you want to, but use proper shampoo. Hair cut shall be done four times a year and before every exhibition.

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Lotta10.jpg (13254 bytes)                Swedish Champion     Tenikedon Julkkis

       e Amuch Such Nuch Lontree Lucky Star

       u Int Norduch Tenikedon Katinka


We get introduced us to race of Irish Soft coated Wheaten Terrier, at a exhibition 1985.

The family Oksanen was there as exhibitor, and we met , Teinikedon Katinka. We made a reservation for a female puppy, after her. But we have to wait until 1987, because of so many earlier reservations for female puppies, from Katinka. 

Her name was Teinikedon Julkkis "Lotta", a wonderful female and mother 

to her puppies.. We take part in some competitions in submissiveness, and made a BOK-test. She became a age of twelve year. We miss her a lot because she was a wonderful dog.

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      e Amuch Such Nuch Gleanngay Rave On

      u Such Tenikedon Julkkis

"Mollie"  was an alert and joyful female dog, she was happy to meet both people and dogs.

Unfortunately, happen an accident, and we lost her when she was an age of seven year.

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e Such Mountain Mans Honky Tonk Man

u Such Jegulinis Have A Happy Year


Julia was a female guest dog, who has spend lot of time with us, during exhibition seasons and during her time of whelping. She is a pleasant dog and we kept a female puppy from her, Jegulini’s Diana.


e Such Movin On Ac Cobra

u Jegulinis Jungle Julia



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     e Movin On Tomasa De Pantera

     u Jegulinis Jungle Julia

Dagny was in some exhibitions, during last summer in the group of puppies. She received BIR and some other groupplacing with reward.

At the photo she is 5 month

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