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This what we look like as new-born, The colour is dark, and become lighter after some time.

We have no sight or hearing as new-born, that will take place in a age of ten to twelve days


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Be together in the box, is very funny, specially when somebody tell jokes.


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At this picture has we grown-up to an age of seven weeks. Now is playtime and funny

in the mind. The time of playing as a puppy, is very for the future, we learn to be together with other dogs.


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The practice on the table is a moment in our exercise, and master and mistress always have some examination going on. Lots of squeezing.



This is Jegulinis Empress Enar as a puppy

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Jegulinis Joyful Jonnie "Baltazar" when he was  5-6 month


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Jegulinis Empress Elvira "Jonna"



GabbiBisv-91.jpg (11681 bytes)GretaBis-valp91.jpg (14940 bytes)Jegulinis Go Gabbie Go Bis puppy Softikanden-91 t.v



Nokkis Goa Greta Bis puppy SWTKs utställning Stockholm t.h



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The best you get, you put on the table. The puppy looks like a teddy bear, but are a package of energy. From the beginning it is important, to show, who are master and mistress, and still be consistent.


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