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Welcome and thanks for visiting our homepage.

We, Gunnar and Linda Ĺberg, are the owner of Kennel Jegulini, and we have our resident at the countryside, ten kilometre south of Örnsköldsvik, the city with an eagle in the city arms.Our house is rather old, but we have put in lot of effort and money in the refurbishment, so now, we and our dogs, can have a great living, close to the nature.

The possibility to get in touch with people by using internet, have been an interesting hobby. Our son bought a computer ,twenty years ago, and that moment, we couldn’t think of any use for the computer. But the world are changes very fast, and so must we, so we have to get posted in all news and developments. We can see a glint, of what kind of would our grand children have to face in the future. They are still rather young, so we have a little advantage, before they leave us behind, in the development.

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   The name of the Kennel Jegulini´s are created by the two first letter in each family members first name. Our first name are: JEanette, GUnnar, LInda, NIklas and `s in the end .

Our love for dogs started when we was kids, but I(Linda) or Gunnar have not the possibility to have our own dogs. I(Linda) was walking around my home society, and asked the dogowners if I could take there dogs to the air. They was happy for that service, and let me daily walk with the dogs, who was hunting dogs and pet dogs.

Gunnar done his military service at Dog Academy in Sollefteĺ, and educated himself to a guide for dogs ,who was trained for clearance of minefields.

We get our first house in 1973, and now we have the possibility to buy us a dog.

We have some heavy talks, concerning the race of the dog we should buy.Gunnar have a big dog in his mind, but I wanted a pet dog. One day there was an add in the local paper concerning a dog, which needed a new home.The add get us in touch with the family Fastén , owner of kennel Skean-Dhu, in Örnsköldsvik.We get there and met the dog, a West Highland White Terrier, and his name was "Ludde".

There was love in the first sight, and he follow us home the very same day. We was visiting the Fasténdogtricksm.gif (23664 bytes) family rather often and was learned to take care and how to trim the dog.

Once on a visit, we met a , Cairnterrier named Fighting Baretta, a guy with correct temperament. That was the way the Cairnterrier get to our hearts.

At the Fastén family was the first meeting for The Club of Cairnterrier, in the North of Sweden, which we was joined. There was breeders from the whole country.

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The years goes by and 1987, we get our first Irish Soft coated Wheaten Terrier, named Teinikedon Julkkis "Lotta", born in Finland. The race was still unknown in Sweden and particular up in the North. We met the family Oksanen, Kennel Teinikedon, at a exhibition and get impressed of the female Katinka, so we made a reservation for a pup. We had to wait for two years at the pup, and during the time, we was study all about the race.

We joined the race club, and had several talks with owner of the race.

We have only one litter during a year, because we thinks it is very important to take the time and see and analysing the quality of the breeding, and give us some time to support the puppies and there’s new owners.

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We have taking part of several courses and meetings, concerning anatomy, working dog courses, food knowledge, submissiveness courses, breeding know less, trim courses and race club courses. This courses are very pleasant, because everybody have same interest, and give us the opportunity to learn from each other. You can never get skilled, so you must get posted all the time.

We are member of Swedish Kennel Club, Swedish terrier Club, Swedish Wheaten Terrier Club and Swedish Cairnterrier Club.

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